Owned and operated by general manager Kevin Nostadt, Garage Boys supplies custom closets, cabinets, shelving and other time saving storage solutions that will help organize your life. Customizing the process and breaking everything down, step-by step, clients can rest assured their needs and wants will always be met. Consulting with clients from concept to design since 1996, Garage Boys has storage solutions to fit any budget and space.

Kevin follows two important guiding values that his father taught him. These two principles have helped him manage his business:

  1. “Everything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.”
  2. “Not everything you do in life has to be about making money. You will do well by helping other people.”

Garage Boys understands doing the job correctly the first time around. With the client’s input and the right design, any goal can be achieved. The installers will take the necessary time to install everything correctly and ensure everything is functional and aesthetically pleasing as well. Here to help every client, Garage Boys has a showroom that clients are encouraged to visit. See and feel the quality of the products and designs as you visualize your dream becoming a reality. Using only state-of-the-art software to professionally design your space, contact Garage Boys today.


Garage Boys will supply custom closets, cabinets, shelving and other time saving storage solutions that will help organize your life. We will customize the process for you and break everything down step-by step, so your needs and wants are always met. We will consult with you to understand, and ultimately design, the storage solutions that fit your budget and space. We can help you create the space of your dreams and we believe the value of an organized space is unequalled!


Here at Garage Boys, we believe in the importance of social responsibility, honesty, and business ethics. We are always honest, and most importantly, fair, in our business and personal conduct. Our personal integrity paves the way to earn our customers’ respect and that of our peers within our community.

Our Core Values Are Simply:

  • Fair and Honest Customer Service
  • Trust and Confidence of our Customers and Fellow Staff Members
  • Integrity
  • Gratitude
  • Community